Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks and welcome to the FAQ.  Continuously updated as questions are frequently asked and answers evolve. Click here to return to the welcome page.

How did you get into making audio porn?

I actually began recording my content as an escape in one of the most difficult, dark times in my life.  Along the way, I’ve experienced an amazing recovery, found happiness, and now make this content to spread happy, sexy vibes.  Ppl thinking I’m sexy because I make it ain’t bad either (;


You can learn more about my background in my How Cum Podcast interview.

...And you're doing visual stuff too?

Yep! As of January '20 I've begun creating visual content. I have an Onlyfans where I post weekly vids, and am now posting a monthly public vid to pornhub! This is part of a healing journey to deal with body image/confidence, so please be patient as I expand my comfort zone in that medium.


What is your posting schedule? (as of April '20)

  • Monday: Public NSFW Content (pornhub/

    • First Monday of the month: Solo Masturbation Video

    • Second Monday of the month: NSFW Audio

    • Fourth Monday of the month: NSFW Audio

  • Wed: SFW Releases (Youtube)

    • Cuddle audios, whisper eating, ​all the fun stuff not many of you listen to but helps me spread good vibes :3

  • Thursday: Onlyfans NSFW Videos

  • Friday/Weekends: Patreon Releases (6 Audios + 2 Videos)​​

What is the best way to see EVERYTHING you post?

I post links to all my content here at  You also have a handy search feature up at the top and the ability to click on tags on the bottom of each post to search the entire catalogue. Give it a try!


For up to date info on my NSFW content follow me on twitter @feelgoodfilth.

For updates on fun, wholesome, everyday life stuff + LIVE STREAMS ALL THE TIME, follow me on ig @filthyjimnova.

Are your public audios posted to (or other audio platforms) any different from what you post on Pornhub?

Nope! It's the same stuff, although I keep a much larger public library here on

...But why are the titles different?

Because I'm trying to reach a more visual crowd on a visual porn site, my audios have a big, punchy, simple name. Garish (and maybe a little silly at times)?.. Yes.  Effective?.. Well you found me, didn't you?! xD


I always post the title to the audio in the comments on pornhub. Check the comments section and it'll usually be up top. (I also mark it w/ a 🧡so its easier to see)


Do you make your audio with a partner?

Nope! All my audio content is just me.


...and admiral, when he needs to use his litter box.


How do you make the “sounds”?

SFX add to the immersion factor of the audio, so I take them very seriously! All of my sex sounds are made w/ my anatomy and various lubes.  For my other SFX I subscribe to a repository service so I can download as needed!


I love your content, how can I support you?

As of January 2020 this is my full time job, so I definitely need your support to keep the lights on!.. literally!

For the best price on my WEEKLY visual content, visit

You'll get the BEST deals on my audio content at, my monthly site. You get up to 6 audios per month + 2 SFW vids of me and admiral. For those of you who'd like to interact with me (and your fellow fun filthies) ALL patrons get access to my Discord Server, where we have game nights, play animal crossing, and just chat like normal ppl on the regular.  

You guys pay my bills and I take that seriously, so I check and respond to all patreon comments and all DMs send on the platform.


Note: Patreon's notification system makes it a little tough to go back and respond to comments on posts 1+ months old, but if its recent its been read and I'll respond! :3

Do you personally interact with fans via DM?

As my listening crowd grows and there remains one of me, answering DMs and messages can be a challenge.  Please know that I read all my messages and appreciate each one.


I read and respond to ALL DMs received on Patreon. You guys pay my bills, I’m happy to say hi or answer your questions.


Discord is a free app that allows my patrons to chat with me on various topics, have fun game nights, movie watch-alongs, etc, etc. It’s the place that allows me to personally interact with the MOST people at one time, and that’s pretty awesome. You can come in and lurk/listen, or crack wise with me, whatever makes you comfortable. This is also the spot where you can bounce audio ideas off me, ideas posted here often find their way into my content! 

...and there's often little visual treats if you opt-in to the visual "dickscord" room.


Why didn’t you answer mine?

Many of you, one of me. 

I'm almost guaranteed not to respond to...


hi”, “hey”, “what’s up”, etc. Just say something pls. Thx.



Can I ask you a question?...” YES, OF COURSE. ASK IT.  I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR A PRE-QUESTION CONVO!!! (sorry this one drives me absolutely insane x3)


I have a snapchat @feelgoodfiltth as a placeholder so someone didn’t take it.  I don’t respond there or even check it often, but I’ll add you back and maybe read your messages.


Will you be my best buddy/boyfriend/daddy?

I love that folks enjoy my fantasy content, but please understand I’m a regular person. Even though I love putting a lot of myself into my content, in order to have some kind of personal life lines have to be drawn.  Thanks for understanding <3


Will you give me mental health advice?

I love people and want them to be happy.  I often share bits of my journey and shared experiences, but I am not a professional so mental health help and advice-related questions should go here.

Can I leave you anonymous feedback?

You can contact me via here. Anonymous feedback via google forms can be left here. Click here to drop me an email directly.

Do you do commissions or custom content?

Yep, but availability may vary.

Can I have a private voice session with you?

Sure can ;3

Will you voice my script?

All my audio content is 100% original, and I do not read, fill, or have interest in listener-submitted scripts at this time. I do accept ideas submitted via established feedback methods.

Would you collaborate with me?

At this time collaborative work is limited but...

If you are an audio content creator with an established history (1+ yr content/50+ public posts) I would consider collaborations under mutually favorable circumstances. 


If you are a visual content creator/actor and would like to discuss partnered content, I would also like to discuss ideas.

Inquiries re: the above can be sent to


Can I send you something?

I DO have a PO Box, but due to current events checking it hasn't been an option ;-;

Please standby and check-back for an updated address after my move to Ca(t)lifornia! :D