There are many wonderful gay men who listen, comment, and even SUPPORT me on patreon and onlyfans even though I don’t make content for THEM, and that’s no good!!..

So on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 14th, I’ll be releasing my first audio for MEN, FREE on Pornhub/my patreon! I’ve been planning on making M4M content for some time, but have mainly been focused on building the M4F brand (as I hope you all can understand). However, some really sweet messages and commission requests from you guys spurred me to action!


Starting this October, I will also be including 1 M4M audio per month on my $4.99 patreon tier, in addition to releasing free M4M content. I’ll probably release a free M4M every 6 or so weeks, but I definitely have some ideas of building the catalog.

Now for the next announcement!..

I have recently resumed work on custom content. It’s been limited, but am going to open M4M audio commissions starting October, 1! When I say opening M4M commissions, I mean I will ONLY be doing M4M commissions for the month of October. They will be priced at $250 – your current monthly onlyfans/patreon pledges (if applicable), but I’m offering you gets a deal…

What’s the deal?!..

As I am just getting started in M4M audio content, I need your help and feedback in creating content that’s as hot as the stuff for the ladies (and I think we’d all agree it's some pretty hot stuff)! For $150, I will record your commission, but take out/re-record any personally identifying info (name, body information or other personal things in your request), and retain the option to release it publicly.

This allows me to get 1:1 fantasies and feedback so I can craft the BEST content for you possible. Working with folks on a 1:1 basis allows me to dig into real fantasies from real guys, real pet names and real scenarios gay men want to hear!

This is a new development, and I’d ask you to all bear with me and grant me a bit of a berth as I ramp up this exciting new venture!


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