I'm on SPOTIFY!!! :D

I'm a simple, wholesome, midwesterner who never thought he'd moonlight as a pornographer. But if I'm gonna do something I'm gonna have as much fun as possible doing it to the best of my ability. Plus it's a way of preserving the sound my mid-30s genitals forever! :D

I don't really expect much traffic but I think it's so much fun to have something on Spotify. As I've upgraded equipment recently (no... not that equipment) I can't wait to release my next little audio package (yes... that package).

I'd be pleased as punch if some of you folks followed and listened. It'd be great to get some clicks on this silly shit. Little things like this, upvotes and comments on reddit, and likes on pornhub let me know I'm doing a good job, and tells other folks "Hey, this guy makes good stuff, you should listen." That means the world to me.

Six Sexy Pieces <- My First Release

My Spotify Artist Profile <- Follow me pls :3


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