Q1 2020 Content Update! Important Info Inside!

Hello friends and filthies!

What a year 2019 was, huh?.. and what a year 2020 has been so far!

As many of you folks know, I made the decision to go full time with FGF this month! My first day "on the job" was January 20th, 1 year (well, 364 days) after making the decision to turn my audio hobby into a business.

I'm tremendously proud of my 2019 accomplishments, but the time for reflection is over and now its time to grow! Every 3 or so months I'm going to assess my content, direction, strategy, and provide you folks an update to allow you to best find and enjoy my content. The below topics are covered in-depth in the audio, but I wanted to give a text summary. Please see the link to the audio and the timestamps below (for your navigating convenience).

I have a new posting schedule consisting of a Monday NSFW, Wednesday SFW, and Friday Patreon release (with a few off-cycle releases expected). I have some updates regarding content curation and patreon content (incl. the RETURN OF DIRTY NOTHINGS to the $9.99 tier).

I'm also going to be making some platform enhancements (FAQ, new library navigation, etc.) to give you guys a better experience. This is also includes a "reddit rebrand" from the u/heyitsmetal family of brands to u/feelgoodfilth and r/feelgoodfilth, which will be a phased transition throughout the year. Listen for more details & I'll keep you well-posted.

As this is my livelihood, supporting me has never been more important, so a quick listen to that section up the update is much-obliged. Patreon in my monthly site (this note his hosted there), and will continue to be the BEST place for deals on my audio content. I have an OnlyFans where I'm also posting little vids and pics, so check that out too!

You may not have an entertainment budget at this time and thats okay! There tons of FREE ways to lend your support that may seem small, but in the aggregate are HUGE for me. Rating and following (esp on pornhub) is supremely important, as well as sharing my content. All these little things help grow my business, my dream, and my happiness!

I talk a little bit about fan interaction and communication, as well. I now have dedicated "comment catch up" time so all my reddit and patreon comments will be responded-to weekly. In regards to DMs, I will always respond to patreon messages and will be further leveraging discord (details in the audio), which allows me to interact with tons of you folks at once! I always read and love your messages and will always do my best to respond on other platforms, while ensuring I achieve the right time balance and a healthy, happy personal life. Thanks for understanding!

I'd like to take this opportunity to offer my sincerest thanks to the amazing, life-changing support you've given me. Please check out the audio for a special thank you <3



Timestamps (w/in a few seconds):

  • Intro & Notes on quitting my day job": 00:35

  • New Content Breakdown & Schedule: 8:10

  • BIG NEWS for Dirty Nothings Fans: 10:50

  • Format Changes & Content Curation: 13:10

  • Platform Updates: 14:55

  • How you can support me (+patreon updates): 19:30

  • A note on discord (my best kept secret) + the "dickscord" dick pic room: 22:50

  • Onlyfans.com/feelgoodfilth (for visual content): 23:45

  • The feelgoodfilth.com store for one time audio purchases: 26:00

  • Update on reopening commissions: 26:45

  • Private voice sessions: 27:40


  • Fan Interaction & Discord: 32:05

  • A Special Thank you: 35:35 <3