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Hello porn pals and degenerates everywhere, I'm Jim Nova and I love helping people feel good. I've been creating erotic audio content (and posting cat pics) since 2017 and it's been an incredibly rewarding experience. I'm tremendously excited to have this platform to share my content with you!


What I'm all about...

I love people and I want them to be happy. I think an orgasm is the pinnacle of happiness, so making content that helps with those is amazing! I also like to spread smiles and cuddles via comfort and relaxation audio, too! Voices help me relax and I'd be pleased as punch if I can help you find that elusive snooze.

Biologically & psychologically, sex motivates us in so many ways but we are often raised to be ashamed of it and our personal sexuality. That's a total bummer because its such a core part of our mental health and well-being. Feel-Good Filth is all about no-shame, honest, consensual and fun adult content that I sincerely hope brings a smile to your face and a tingle up your spine (or elsewhere).

I'm proud to make this kinky-(but human)-ass content, so you shouldn't be ashamed, either!

I'd love your support!

As of January 2020 I quit my corporate job and now do this full time! :D


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Those are great, but there are also great FREE ways to support me, such as rating and commenting on my audios on PornHub. This lets folks know that my content is worth checking out, and helps get me more exposure, listens and monthly paying customers that keep the smut flowing.

Where else to find & interact with me...

I primarily post my content to Patreon, Quinn and PornHub and have a patrons-only discord server where I interact personally with you fun filhties. You can catch my wholesome instagram feed (@filthyjimnova) or my slightly less sfw twitter (@feelgoodfilth).

You can send non-perishable items to

FGF Media 

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...Or just visit the Contact Me page.

Thanks so much for your time, listens and support! <3