Filthy Whispers: May '20

For those of you who were fans of my Dirty Nothings series (now only available here + free to download for patrons), you're in for a special treat! FW gives you the same soft-spoken, candid, "let me tell you what I'd do to you if I were actually there", dirty talk with a little twist of kink. This first one is ddlg, but I'll have lots of fun kinky things to talk (quietly) about. May's Installment... [M4F] Filthy Whispers: May '20 [Relaxation Aid] [Candid] [Soft Spoken] [DD/lg] [Dirty Talk] Topics Include... [Jim's *STILL* Horny AF] due to [Quarantine] [Facesitting] [Making You Watch Me Stroke] [Owning Your Little Throat-Cunt] [Teasing] [Cock Denial] [Manhandling] [Creampie] [Fall Asleep On My Chest] [10:49] Although patreon is the best deal, also available on the store for one time download (added at month-end). ⬆ USE THE SEARCH BOX - OR - ⬇ CLICK THE CONTENT TAGS BELOW TO BROWSE MY AUDIO LIBRARY (: #FilthyWhispers #DirtyNothings #Relaxation #DDlg #DirtyTalk #Blowjob #Cunnilingus #Rimjob #Creampie #Patreon


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