On Edge

[M4F] On Edge [Masturbation] [Edging] for 1 hr prior to recording [Filthy Dirty Talk] self [Cock Torture] [Whines] [Moans] [My Swollen Sensitive Head] [First Countdown] to my [Ruined Orgasm] [LOUD Precum Sounds] [Intense] [2nd Countdown] [Growls] [Losing Control] [Screaming Orgasm] [Audible Cum] [8:03] I spent the better part of the afternoon edging my aching cock, ruining my orgasms and making an utter precum mess. This is the conclusion of today's activities ;3 ⬆ USE THE SEARCH BOX - OR - ⬇ CLICK THE CONTENT TAGS BELOW TO BROWSE MY AUDIO LIBRARY (: #Masturbation #DirtyTalk #Edging #Growls #Intense #NSFW #Audio Want to help me pay my bills & get up to 6 EXCLUSIVE audios a month + discord access to interact with me? Support me on Patreon!


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