[M4F] Soft-Core [DD/lg] [Waking Up] to [Daddy Masturbating] [Eyes Closed, Baby] [Instructions] for [Pillow Humping] [Dirty Talk] [Pent Up Daddy] [2 Loads] [Cum on Pussy] [Rub & Finger It In] [Squeeze His Balls] [2nd Load] [Mutual Masturbation & Orgasm] [Messy Cock Slaps] [LOUD Cock Sounds] [Cum Sounds] [JO in Stereo™] Daddy's been stressed and pent up, but he didn't want to wake you... ...keep your eyes closed & listen to him stroke <3 ⬆ USE THE SEARCH BOX - OR - ⬇ CLICK THE CONTENT TAGS BELOW TO BROWSE MY AUDIO LIBRARY (: #DDlg #Masturbation #MutualMasturbation #MutualOrgasm #CumPlay #DirtyTalk #NSFW #Audio Want to help me pay my bills & get up to 6 EXCLUSIVE audios a month + discord access to interact with me? Support me on Patreon!


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