Stir Crazy

[M4F] Stir Crazy [MDom] [Yandere] [CNC Roleplay] [Psycho-but-Sweet] implied [Captive] & [Stockholm Syndrome] [Waking You From Nap] for [Afternoon Sex] to [Get You Pregnant] [Neck Kissing] [Caressing] [Pinned] [Thigh Fucking] [Spoonfucking] [Countdown] [Creampie] [I Love You] [OwO Jim] [TABOO] [13:07] We've been together for six months and still haven't gotten pregnant... ...Good thing we have so much fun trying! :D Check out the other 2 in this fun little series (; [M4F] Gift Wrap [MDom] [Yandere] [CNC Roleplay] [Knock, Knock!] [Friend From The Gym] [Dropping Off Your Present] [Obsessed] [Sweet-to-Sinister] [Gun Play] [Tied & Gagged] w/ [Duct Tape] [Knife Play] [Clothes Cutting] [Ass Worship] [Cunnilingus] [Creampie] [Impreg] [Mine Forever] [OWO Jim] [Taboo] [13:40] [M4F] Sweetie Pie [MDom] [Yandere] [CNC Roleplay] [Psycho] but [Loving] & [Sweet] impl. [Captive] & [Stockholm Syndrome] [Valentine's Day!] [I Made Breakfast] [Chained To Bed] + [Collar] [Let's Wake You Up] [Tit Play] [Pussy Worship] [Fucking] [Breeding] [Creampie] [Restrained] in [Conception Position] [OwO Jim] [Taboo] [13:15] ⬆ USE THE SEARCH BOX - OR - ⬇ CLICK THE CONTENT TAGS BELOW TO BROWSE MY AUDIO LIBRARY (: #MDom #Yandere #CNC #Thighfucking #Spoonfucking #Creampie #NSFW #Audio #Taboo


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