Private Voice Calls

Skype or Discord


$150 for 15 min



Please fill out the form below or shoot me a message on Discord (feelgoodfilth#3126) or IG with “PRIVATE CALL” in your first message* to arrange a session.** 


Venmo (@feelgoodfilth) & CashApp ($feelgoodfilth) appreciated, but you can also purchase a session in my store.  I keep a limited inventory so if there aren’t any available I’m A) at current capacity or B) need to add to the inventory (I only keep a few in there to manage my workload and deliver in a timely manner).***


Note: I reserve the right to refuse ANY request. if we can’t come to terms on agreeable language I can refund you MINUS 5% PROCESSING.

*I do not answer “Hi”, “Hey”, or “Can I ask you a question?” messages.  If you have a question please ask it in your first IM, I won’t answer if I can’t/don’t want to <3

**Limit 3 persons (Group call of 3 + me) per session.


***Target response time is 72 hours for Email requests, 24 (usually w/in a few hours) with IM.


Private Session Request Form

Get Back To You Soon!