Hey all! 


Some of you old school fans know I didn't produce masturbartion audio for quite some time... Then I fapped back with a vengance (;


Enjoy these classics!..


The Audio:



[Masturbation] [Dirty Talk] [Possessive] [My Cumslut] [Doggystyle] [Manhandling] [Creampie] [Rub My Cock On Your Messy Cunt] [Put It Back In] [Countdown] [Second Creampie] [Real Multiple Orgasms] [Wet Cock Sounds] [Balls On Clit Slaps] [Growls] [JO in Stereo™] [9:52]

In Deep

[Masturbation] [Candid] [Dirty Talk] [Strength Difference] [Bouncing You On My Cock] [Clit Play] [Countdown] [Cum On it] [Feel It Squeeze] [Manhandling] [Bending You Over] [Doggy] [Long Strokes] [Deep Creampie] [Taste Our Cum On My Cock] [Cum Kiss] [JO in Stereo™] [10:55]


[Masturbation] [Candid] [Filthy] [Dirty Talk] [You Love To Edge Me] [Get Me There] [Rub My Precum Into Your Clit] [Trying To Make Me Fail My] [Countdown] to [Desperate] [Begging] [Intense] [Brain-Smashing Orgasm] [Wet Cock Sounds] [Audible Precum & Cum] [JO in Stereo™] [9:41]


Me Time

[Masturbation] [Candid] [Dirty Talk] [Your Hands On My Wet Cock] [Filling Your Cunt With Cum] Loud [Cock Sounds] [Wet Sounds] [Man Sounds] [Orgasm] [Cum Sounds] [JO in Stereo™] [8:28]

Truly Torturous

[Masturbation] [Candid] [Dirty Talk] [How You’d Torture My Sensitive Cock] [Precum As Lube] [Edging] [Desperate] [Whimpers] & [Moans] Loud [Cock Sounds] [Wet Sounds] [Man Sounds] [Brain Smashing Orgasm] [Post-Orgasm Torture] [Giggle Fit] [Cum Sounds] [JO in Stereo™] [9:20]

With Me

[Masturbation] [JOE] [Candid] [Dirty Talk] [Filthy Whispers] [Desire] [Teasing Your Greedy Little Pussy] & [G-Spot] [Cock Slaps] Loud [Cock Sounds] [Wet Sounds] [Man Sounds] [Countdown] [Orgasm Together] [Cum Sounds] [Good Girl] [Licking Cum Off My Fingers] [JO in Stereo™] [11:44]

Less Talk, More Cock

[Masturbation] [All Your Favorite Metal Moans & Growls] [Wet Cock Sounds Loud AF] [Intense Orgasm] [Cum Sounds] [JO in Stereo™] [9:22]

Twice As Nice

[Masturbation] [Candid] [Dirty Talk] [Both Your Hands On My Big Cock] [Get On Top] [Fist In Your Hair] [Holding You In Place & Pounding Your Cunt] [Creampie x2] [Cum As Lube] [Cock Sounds] [Cum Sounds] [Growls] [Intense] [Desperate] [Real Multiple Orgasms] [JO in Stereo™] [9:00]

Wet & Messy

[Masturbation] [Filthy] [Dirty Talk] [My Cumslut] [Creampie] [Pulling out] [Letting It Drip] [Rub It Into Your Clit] [I'll Finger It Into Your Asshole] [Cock Slaps] [Slit Fucking] [Staying Hard] [Countdown] [Second Creampie] [LOUD] [Wet Cock Sounds] [JO in Stereo™] [9:14]

Classic Masturbation Download Pack