Hey all!


Below you'll find some of my most-seminal (and chill) recordings. No kink, but just as dirty (;


The Audio:


A Thousand Words

[Friends to Lovers] [Let's Warm Up At My Place] [Put My Camera Down!] [Seducing Me] [Passionate] [Kissing] [Nipple Sucking] [Hands On The Chair] [Rimming] [Cunnilingus] [Doggy] [Creampie] [Claiming You As Mine] [Desire] [Wet Cock Sounds] [Mast] [Binaural] [12:25]

What A Tease

[Dirty Talk] [Legs Over My Shoulders] [Teasing You w/ My Cock] [Fucking Your Slit] [Cock Slaps On Your Cunt] [Clit Play] [Angling You So You Can Watch] [Cum On It] [Slide It In] [Creampie] [Wet Cock Sounds] [Cum Sounds] [Masturbation] [JO in Stereo™] [11:24]


No Cream, No Sugar

[Friends-to-Lovers] [Give Me Anorther Chance] [Passionate] [Kissing] [Fucking] [Creampie]


Goddess Mode

[I Missed You!] [WhisperKisses] [Earplay] [Desperate] to [Take You] [Cunnilingus] [On Your Tummy] [Passion] [Teasing] [Begging] [G-Spot Fingering] [SpoonFucking] [Neck Kisses] [Creampie] [Let Me Stay Inside] [Cuddles] [L-Bombs] [Repost] [14:40]


I Dare You

[Masturbate With Me] [JOI] [Dirty Talk] [Encouragement] [Feel The Heat of Your Cunt] [Both Hands Stroking Precum Into My Big Cock] [G-Spot Fucking] [Squirting] [Countdown] [Edge With Me] [Try Not To Cum] [Cock Sounds] [Cum Sounds] [Desperate] [Growls] [JO in Stereo™] [8:33]


Buttercream Frosting

[SE] [JOE] [Dirty Talk] [It's My Birthday] [The Only Thing I Want Is Your Cum] [Desire] [Hunger] [Need] [Teasing You With The Tip] [Taste Yourself] [Tasting You On My Fingers] [Fucking] [My Cock Is Your Sex Toy] [Desperate] [Begging For Your Cum] [Countdown]


Surfer Girl

[Crushes to Lovers] [I Can't Take My Eyes Off you] [Flirting] [If I kiss you, will you kiss me back?] [69] [Clit Sucking] [Cum On My Face] [Riding] [Fucking] [Your Tits In My Mouth] [Look Me In The Eyes & Make A Mess On My Cock] [Aftercare] [Soft Singing] [Ocean Sounds]


Positive Correlation

[Night Class] [Sexy Stats Reading] [Flirting] [Kissing] [Close The Book] & [Hold The Moan] [Cunnilingus] [Undressing] [Fucking] [Across The Desk] [Hand Over Your Mouth] [Get On Your Knees] [Finish Me In Your Mouth] [Don't Swallow A Drop] [Cum Swap]

The Dirty Vanilla Download Pack