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For those of you who like it a little rough & possessive...




The Audio:



[Possessive] [Lusting For My Goddess] [Don’t Think] [Focus On Your Pleasure] [Body Worship] [Kisses] [Undressing] [Rimming] [G-Spot Fingering] [Manhandling] [Creampie] [Cunnilingus] [Cum Swap] [I Love Our Taste] [Affection] [Wet Cock Sounds] [Mast] [Binaural] [11:41]

Our First Tail

[Gentle MDom] [Kitten Play] [You're So Adorable] [Tail Plug] [Let's Get You Ready] [Cunnilingus] [G-Spot Fingering] [Clit Play] [Rimming] [Countdown] [Encouragement] [Praise] [Affection] [Doggystyle] [Creampie] [Good Girl] [Wet Cock Sounds] [Mast] [11:12]

Born To Fuck

[Male Escort] [Rough] [Namecalling] [On Your Knees] [Blowjob] [Choking] [Against The Wall] [Clit Play] [Cum On My Fingers] [Countdown] + a little [Post Orgasm Torture] Hard [Fucking] [You've Never Squirted?] [Marking] [Cum Swap] [Growls] [Good Girl] [11:00]


[Possessive] [Lust] [Intense] [Manhandling] [Strength Difference] [Marking] [Strong Hands] [Cunnilingus] [Doggystyle] [Hairpulling] [Breaking Your Pretty Ass On My Cock] [Taste Your Cunt On My Fingers] [Good Girl] [Creampie] [Aftercare] [Praise] [Kissing It Better]


[Possessive] [Blindfold] [Restraint] [Teasing] [Dirty Talk] [Rimming] [Tongue Fucking] [G-Spot Fingering] [Cunnilingus] [Say My Fucking Name] [Soak My Face In Your Cum] [Manhandling] [Intense] [Desperate] [Fucking] [Pussy Ownership] [Licking My Cum From Your Dripping Cunt]


[Business Trip] [Boss] [Your Room] [Suit] [Undressing] [Kissing] [Tit Sucking] [Cunt & Ass Worship] [Tonguefucking] [G-Spot Fingering] [Clit Play] [Countdown] [Doggy] [Creampie] [Pull Your Ass Apart] [Cum Play] [Good Girl] [Wet Cock Sounds] [SexFX] [Binaural] [9:52]

Open Seating

[Waking Me Up] by [Playing With My Cock] [Let Me Feel How Wet] [I Know What You Need] [Facesitting] [Spit On It & Stroke It] [Manhandling] [Countdown] [Spanking Your Ass Pink While You Ride It] [My Cock Slut] [Creampie] [Good Girl] [SexFX] [Binaural] [9:35]

None Other

[Where I Wanted You] [On Your Knees] [Blowjob] [Hand In Your Hair] [Play With Your Clit] [Countdown] [Make Me Cum] [Don't Swallow A Bit] [Spit It Onto My Cock] [Use It As Lube & Fuck It Into You] [Losing Control] [Giggle Fit & Afterkisses] [SexFx] [Binaural] [9:49]


[Possessive] [Impreg] [Dirty Talk] [Touch Yourself While I Stroke] [Praise] [Countdown] [Precum As Lube] [Deep Wet Fucking] [Primal] [Ownership] [Pumping My Seed Into Your Fertile Womb] [Cock On Clit Teasing] [Orgasm With My Cum Inside] [Wet Cock Sounds] [Mast] [10:28]

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